A private equity firm run by a close Trump adviser is partnering with Saudi Arabia to privatize U.S. infrastructure.

Talk about an about face for Trump!

In addition:

The Saudi Public Investment Fund announced its $20 billion investment with Blackstone, the private equity giant whose CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, chairs the Strategic and Policy Forum, a key group of private-sector advisers to President Trump. In recent months Schwarzman has become a key adviser to the president, speaking to him “several times a week,” according to Politico. Schwarzman, who has an estate near Mar-a-Lago and has known Trump for years, is a Republican megadonor, giving over $4 million to Super PACs that support conservative candidates in the last election cycle.

Can you say “conflict of interest” anyone?

Source: Trump’s “America First“ Infrastructure Plan: Let Saudi Arabia and Blackstone Take Care of It

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