Nikita Khrushchev felt the Soviet Union had “voted” for JFK.

Kennedy only won by 200,000 votes and Khrushchev probably tipped the election towards Kennedy intentionally by not releasing the U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers until after the election so that then Vice-President Nixon would not get credit for it.

So Russia felt that Kennedy was more interested in good relations with Russian than Nixon would have been, so they rooted for Kennedy. There is a similar situation today with Russia obviously preferring Trump over Hillary for the same thing.

Very interesting.

Unfortunately, those really pushing the rhetoric that Russia influenced this most recent election are not thinking things through diplomatically. How do they expect Trump to admit those findings? He would have to basically delegitimize himself as president. Think about it.

The problem with the whole hacking scandal is the inclusion of the “intent” part. If the CIA simply said that Russia hacked the servers but left out the intent part of “getting Trump elected”, Trump could then agree that that was a possibility.

But by insisting on keeping the intent part in there, they are forcing Trump to have to challenge the findings.

Source: This Kremlin leader bragged about tipping a U.S. presidential election – The Washington Post

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