Editor’s note: In an effort to avert Facebook censorship, today’s Caitlin Johnstone column has been replaced with a mainstream news article from the National News Conglomerate.

Breaking — Anonymous sources in various intelligence agencies have determined in a secret assessment that it is very, very, very important that you forget all your grievances against America’s political status quo right now and focus on hating Russia instead. Our sources, whose identity you needn’t worry your pretty little head about, are telling us that the importance of your Russian hatred is far more urgent than your concern regarding the content of the DNC leaks, the content of the Podesta files, the collusion of the mainstream media with powerful political parties as revealed in WikiLeaks documents, America’s soul-crushing economic disparity, or the overwhelming urge your mounting cognitive dissonance is giving you to scream “I just can’t do this anymore” and steer your vehicle into oncoming traffic.

“We really, really need people to believe us here,” one source told National News Conglomerate, speaking under conditions of total anonymity and deliberate, infuriating vagueness. “There are some very bad people in charge of a particular country, and that country is definitely not the United States of America.”

“It’s Russia,” the source added, with a self-assuredness in his or her voice that should inspire trust and confidence in everything he or she has said here.

Very funny satiracle article about the mainstream media right now in the world. Would be even more funny if it wasn’t actually so true! Catch the rest of it by clicking the link below.

Source: This Just In: It Is Very, Very, Very Important To Us That You Focus On Hating Russia

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