If you needed proof that modern trade agreements are actually nothing more than an excuse to hand big business power at our expense, you need look no further than Ceta. No wonder the public outcry is growing, and opposition to TTIP is spilling over to the Canadian deal.

I mean seriously. How stupid can we be to allow agreements like these to be created in secret and then put into action? This one’s already signed and it allows corporations to sue governments for lost “potential profits” if any regulation or law threatens their potential profits in the future.

Want to stop that carcinogenic additive in gasoline? Sorry, you can’t do that. Want to prevent GMOs from flooding your market?  Nope, you can’t do that either.

Basically, any regulation or law you put into place is threatened by these types of treaties.

Source: Think TTIP is a threat to democracy? There’s another trade deal that’s already signed | Nick Dearden | Opinion | The Guardian

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