For months, Mekasi Horinek and Deputy Jon Moll have lived the pipeline protests in North Dakota. But they fall on opposite sides, reflecting a community as divided as oil and water.

The reporter interviews 2 people, a protester and a cop. Great comment by one of the readers of the article regarding the cop and the situation:

FunkyIrishman –  Ireland

Deputy Moll ; I’m the son of farmers, and we worked hard for everything we have, ”

Putting aside the tinge of racism in that comment, ( as if the protesters didn’t work hard for all they have and can luxuriate on picket lines all day long ) what if an oil company decided to route their pipeline across an aquifer that supplied their farm ? Would you have any sleepless nights wondering if you were going to lose everything if there was a spill or contamination ? Willing to take that chance ?

All future wars will be fought over water, not oil.

Source: The View From Two Sides of the Standing Rock Front Lines – The New York Times

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