This looks like an interesting documentary on the Snowden Documents and how Sweden, the country that is “totally not in bed with the United States and is totally not doing the United’s State’s dirty work” by accusing WikiLeak’s Julian Assange of rape when he had consensual sex with two women, which just so happened to be at the moment when the United States was all up in arms trying to nail Assange for disclosing Bradly Manning’s video showing the killings of news reporters and children on the ground in Iraq by our military.

The country that immediately dropped the charges against Assange and released him because they realized that there was not a case, and then immediately re-charged him, not because they were being pressured by the United States to do so, as Sweden is its own country and not the United State’s bitch.  The Sweden that would never do the dirty work of the United States.  That Sweden.

Anyway, this documentary is about that “independent” Sweden and some new Snowden revelations.  It’s about 50 min long, has subtitles and looks pretty interesting. Check it out.

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