Source: John Kennedy JFK 1963 ! Speech – 10 days before – Secret societies – YouTube

I was recently sent the above video where John F. Kennedy, in a speech 10 days before he was assassinated, exposes a secret society, the Illuminati, and as a result of that speech, he was assassinated.

Scary stuff! If only it were true.

In fact, the speech was a carefully edited version of a speech he gave 2 years earlier to the Newspaper Publisher’s Association, in which he called out for the press to try to use a little self restraint when reporting on things that might be sensitive to national security.

Here is his speech in full, it really is a great speech and worth listening to in full:

Source: JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version) – YouTube

What’s amazing about the speech, is that he treats the press with utmost respect and says that he would never consider setting up a government office to control the flow of news (something that was just established this past week, unfortunately):

In another part of the speech he spells out the duty the press has to inform the people:

And because the duty is so important, it’s the only industry protected by our Constitution:

To not just “give the public what it wants, but to inform, to arouse, to reflect…”

Unfortunately the press today has only been giving what it thinks the public wants, and the “informing, reflecting” parts seem to have gone out the window, which is why it finds itself in such a dire state these days, and why we see our own democracy slipping away, since no democracy can continue to function for long without a properly functioning news media to keep things in check.

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