The bombastic, high-profile war over net neutrality isn’t over—but the battle is about to move deep into the weeds.

In many ways, the first effort presents a win-win scenario for the Democrats, who announced last week a plan to overturn the order by passing a joint resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA). If the resolution somehow succeeds, the Democrat Party will declare a major victory and the Obama-era rules enforcing net neutrality will survive.

If the resolution fails, the blame will fall squarely on the Republicans, who may be drastically underestimating how much of an issue net neutrality will be in next year’s midterm elections. Overwhelmingly, Republican voters oppose what the FCC is doing, according to an extensive recent survey.

With 2018 elections coming up, if the Republicans allow the FCC to follow through with their plans to gut Net Neutrality, they may find themselves out of a job come November.

Source: The Looming Net Neutrality Fight Is Looking Damn Good for Democrats

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