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The Good Food Institute, according to Quartz, represents the interests of clean and plant-based food industries This means burgers not made from slaughtering cows and more made from the latest food technology and now they’re lobbying in Washington. So far the GFI, as its known, is registered as a charity but is consistently expanding.

This article in Quartz reports that the lobbying group has also won the general support and advice of venture capitalists, policy experts at the Humane Society of the United States, a vice president at the Smarties Candy Company, and the top chef at Whole Foods Market. In recent weeks, it has hired Valparaiso University law professor Nicole Negowetti as its policy director, two senior scientists, and a communications manager.

Don’t expect GFI to be going anywhere. Instead stay up to date here on Underground Network.

Source: The lab-grown food industry is now lobbying in Washington — Quartz

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