The economy of a small town in southern Italy, which is home to a group of asylum seekers, has been boosted by the legal spending of fake money.

In a far corner of southern Italy, transactions in fake currency are not only accepted by local shopkeepers, they are positively encouraged.

The small Calabrian town of Gioiosa Ionica, population 7,000, is currently home to a group of asylum seekers, who are given the imitation bank notes, or “tickets” as they are known, as part of a voucher system.

The refugees can spend the cash on whatever they like, but only in the town, so that local businesses benefit.

In a way, this small town seems to have figured out how money works. They create coupons that the refugees can spend and the local businesses take the coupons in exchange for food and goods.

Ultimately the EU pays back the town per refugee, but this is how the refugee situation should be handled all over Europe.

Source: The Italian town that legally gives fake money to migrants – BBC News

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