The email dump isn’t a high-minded act of transparency. It’s a foreign power attempting to swing an election for its favored candidate.

A foreign government has hacked a political party’s computers—and possibly an election. It has stolen documents and timed their release to explode with maximum damage. It is a strike against our civic infrastructure. And though nobody died—and there was no economic toll exacted—the Russians were aiming for a tender spot, a central node of our democracy.

The level off pure propaganda coming out of our media outlets on this issue is hitting feverish levels! There is no proof that Russia hacked the DNC. This is PURE speculation and is being spread by the media to try to get people to ignore the contents of the emails themselves. Yes, let’s blame it all on a Russian conspiracy plot to put Trump in power. Really?

It’s the perfect conspiracy, think about it:

1 – If you vote for Trump you are voting for Putin!

It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Vladimir Putin: The Atlantic

Really? You’re saying that the person you’re running up against is actually an agent of Russia?  Nice one. This eerily sounds like “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

2 – Even though there is not one shred of evidence linking Putin to the hack, it doesn’t matter, this conspiracy sounds so bad, that it doesn’t matter what’s in the emails.. it’s a Russian plot to over-throw our country and we must do everything we can to stop this foreign power from getting Trump elected!

In another article from TechCrunch, are the following statements from some more experts:

But other security experts say that a sloppy email leak, filled with evidence of Russian involvement, would be uncharacteristic for the country’s sophisticated spy agencies.

“There’s the breach and then there’s someone leaking emails to Wikileaks. Those two things don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other,” said Oren Falkowitz, CEO of the security firm Area 1 and a former NSA analyst. “The most salacious emails go back to a different time in the campaign. To release them at the beginning of the [general election] campaign isn’t consistent with a nation state’s objective to change the outcome.”

The most contentious DNC emails released so far trashed Bernie Sanders’ campaign as “a mess,” and Falkowitz points out these messages could have had a stronger impact if released during the primary race.

“They probably would have released it when it was really tight between Hillary and Bernie,” he said, adding, “To think the [Russian security service] FSB would not recognize the difference in impact of timing there is ridiculous. It’s spurious to say they’re trying to influence the election, and if they are, they are doing a really shitty job. You’re talking about one of the premier intelligence organizations in the world.” – Source: Did Russian government hackers leak the DNC emails?

It’s not necessary for Hillary’s camp to be spreading this rumor to win back voters, she should be able to win this election on her merits alone. These kinds of petty propaganda moves don’t help with her overall image.. they are more akin to the types of statements her opponent says!

Let’s get back to the DNC talking about all the great things Hillary will do for the country. These mindless, stupid attacks on Trump are just making the democratic campaign look desperate.

Source: The DNC hack is Watergate, but worse.

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