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The newly elected president said this soon after being sworn into office.

The newly elected president of the Philippines in “allowing people to kill all drug addicts” is his solution towards ending the drug dealing problem in the Philippines. But hey, does anyone else have a better idea though? He did say he would make drastic changes as soon as he was elected (sarcasm btw)… I think he may have been inspired by the movie “The Purge.”

But in some weird way, I almost think that Duterte’s unfiltered rhetoric might actually be effective, in a weird way. He is actually stating to kill off the demand and illegal drug trafficking will go away. Whether he believes in his statements or not, it’s brought to the forefront the issue of drugs in the Philippines and now the world is watching. I obviously don’t condone people killing other people because they are “drug addicts” but perhaps the absurdity of these statements by the president will force the people of the Philippines to step up and actually come up with other, more reasonable, solutions.

Source: The controversial new president of the Philippines is now urging the public to kill drug addicts

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