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  1. Really love the new site! I have just read a few articles and am sort of aghast at what I don’t know about the world and politics. Some of our problems seem insurmountable, however I think that this reaction is the very reason we need to become active in changing the course of events. Just read the article on ISDS threats from corporations against countries, and the very secretive courts that govern the arbitration process when a threat is actively and legally pursued. This sucks! So what you mean to say is that a corporation can sue for loss of future profits that may never have been realized, while never having built or completed projects based on agreements contracted by a previous dishonest or dictatorial government when the subsequent government which overthrew the despots who were responsible for preferential and publicly detrimental contracts with special interest firms creates new laws that protect the environment and its citizens?! Why is all of this new to me?! Is this so complicated that journalists have no clue what this is? Or is this another sign of media reporting what it is given to report at face value…without research or question? What do we do? Where do we go from here to educate the public and get transparency? Honest governments should not be held at ransom simply by threat of corporate action when the agreements and contracts were conducted in bad faith by their corrupt predecessors.

    1. Agree with you 100%. It’s ridiculous.. but all we have to do is make it all simple for people to understand then they will truly get upset at what’s going on and we can then do something about all the anger!

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