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The fiery tone of Mr. Trump’s speech on immigration tore a painful new wound in his relationship with the Republican National Committee.

Probably the most alarming part of Trump’s campaign is that he believes that his hate-riddled, aversive process will actually win the heart of the American public. It is no surprise why the RNC is doubting its relationship with the candidate, and in truth the fund-raising arrangement may arguably be the dominant aspect driving their relationship thus far.

Mr. Trump, who has struggled to raise money, is dependent on his party’s national committee to perform many of the basic functions of a presidential campaign. Should the partnership continue to deteriorate, it could hinder Mr. Trump’s bid for a late comeback in the race.

It would, however, be fruitful to consider the fund-raising issue a foreshadowing of sorts for a possible Trump presidency. Obviously fund-raising and policy do not fall into the same category, but both require a strong, executor who can push the campaign along. If Trump is not able to get his own people to fundraise for his campaign, how will he be able to get valid policies through Congress?

Like today, he will have to rely on an outside source, possibly his fellow party members in Congress. That means his policies will no longer be as forward as they currently are. Realistically, congress members from the Republican party, already at odds with Trump’s points of view and expression of those points, will take a relatively moderate approach.

However, there is still a danger in a Trump presidency:

Complaints abound about the haphazard nature of Mr. Trump’s operation, in which power is so divided among strategists and members of the Trump family that the process of making even simple decisions is laborious and unpredictable.

His operation today is haphazard, his operation in the future–as president– could be fatal for this nation.

But Mr. Hayes said it was widely understood within the national committee that Mr. Trump needed to make adjustments.

Yet Trump refuses to. He does not evolve as the election evolves, and that could be his, and the RNC’s, potential downfall. He’s even driven members of the RNC away.

Some committee staff members found Mr. Trump’s nomination impossible to stomach, and more than half a dozen aides at the committee have resigned since Mr. Trump claimed the nomination.

Source: Tensions Deepen Between Donald Trump and R.N.C.

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