Is it true? Is America truly ruled by shadowy figures making secret decisions? …If only things were so simple.

Interesting article over at TechCrunch about our state of democracy – are both political parties really run by the same group of people? Sounds a little conspiratorial…

But whether it’s true is almost beside the point. What matters is that its fundamental argument, that representative democracy has been subverted on a colossal scale, now verges on conventional wisdom. Blame the Ruling Party, the Deep State, the ultra-rich, and/or the Illuminati and the Knights Templar; it doesn’t matter. Ever larger demographic cohorts are becoming increasingly convinced–very possibly correctly–that Politics As We Know It does not truly represent them, and never will.

That last part is true, our government doesn’t represent us anymore, but don’t worry about the “never will” part, we’ll fix that.

Source: Technology And The Deep State | TechCrunch

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