For T-Mobile USA customers who pay extra to watch high-definition video, one of the company’s most annoying inventions was the “HD day pass.” Instead of allowing video to stream in high definition at all times, T-Mobile has only let customers enable HD video for 24 hours at a time. Customers who pay for the $85-per-month “T-Mobile One Plus” plan are given “unlimited HD day passes,” but to actually use them, you have to go to the T-Mobile app or website and change the video quality setting every single day.

That’s finally about to change, T-Mobile told Ars. The move is an outgrowth of yesterday’s decision to add HD video to the entry-level T-Mobile One plan that costs $70 a month. T-Mobile initially told us yesterday that there were no changes to the HD day passes, meaning that customers would still have to enable HD video every 24 hours or have video revert to 480p. Later yesterday, T-Mobile said that customers would only have to enable HD video once every 30 days.

But after hearing from angry customers, T-Mobile is going to make it “one and done.” Starting Friday when the plan changes take effect, T-Mobile One customers will only have to enable HD video one time, and the feature will remain enabled as long as they have the same monthly plan, T-Mobile said today.

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Source: T-Mobile getting rid of its most annoying limitation on HD video | Ars Technica

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