Came across this post in Reddit this morning, there the person wrote:

[TIL – Today I Learned] in 2003, the US sugar industry lobbied congress to block a WHO report which would set guidelines for sugar intake at 10% of daily calories. Congress blocked the report by threatening to cut all WHO funding if it was released, & backed the industry’s sugar intake recommendation of 25% daily. – submitted by Dontbromebrah

And this top comment is great:

LazzzyButtons – Go to your refrigerator and pantry right now and look at the labels of the food you are consuming. You’ll notice that the food product lists your daily percentage of Total Fat, cholesterol, proteins, and maybe carbohydrates, fiber, sodium and calories. But it doesn’t list what your percentage of sugars you are intaking.

…And it should.

This is an example of what happens when you allow industry to control our laws!

Source: Sugar industry threatens to scupper WHO | Society | The Guardian

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