Stop believing the media people. The Greek media predicted a strong YES on the recent Greek referendum, yet were way off (trying to influence the number perhaps?) They’ve consistently sided with the Troika on every issue since the news outlets are owned by oligarchs who are making a nice fortune off of the Greek people’s misfortunes.

One other piece of misinformation that has been pounded down everyone’s throats is that:

An exit from the Euro and a return to the Drachma would be most devastating for Greece.” – the Greek & EU media

Oh really?

Well, the chief economist Adam Slater at Oxford Economics studied 70 countries that left currency unions since 1945 and found that only a small percentage of them suffered large losses in output (and some of those were due to other factors like civil war), the MAJORITY of the countries had a brief slump then went on to have STRONG rebounds very quickly, some within the first year.

If people had understood this (including Tsipras), the outcome from the negotiations might have been profoundly different, even if the outcome was Greece staying in the euro, as Tsipras would have had a stronger hand at negotiating! But due to the constant reporting by the media (remember who owns the media?) people were afraid and that’s why Greece walked away with less than NOTHING from the negotiations.

As a result of Tsipras bowing to the Troika, Greece will most likely not recover for the next 35-40 if not 50 years, especially if it continues selling off all the money producing resources the country owns.

Here is an article in Forbes about Greece leaving the Euro: Paul Krugman Is Right; Greece Should Leave The Euro

Here is an article from Bloomberg describing Economist Adam Slater’s research: The Lessons for Greece’s Economy From 70 Currency Union Breakups

And another article about the same research from the Greek Reporter: Return to Drachma May Not be Catastrophic for Greece

Here is an article by Bill Mitchell that explains the process by which Greece would leave the euro: A Greek exit is not rocket science

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