We call ourselves private citizens, and we refer to elected representatives as public officials, because we’re supposed to know everything about them and their activities. At the same time, they’re supposed to know nothing about us, because they wield all the power, and we hold all of the vulnerability. Yet increasingly, that’s becoming inverted, where they are the private officials, and we are the public citizens. We’re increasingly monitored and tracked and reported, quantified and known and influenced, at the same time that they’re getting themselves off and becoming less reachable and also less accountable.

This quote happens to describe what Underground Network is all about, that our politicians work for us, the people, and somehow the roles have been reversed recently, but we will reverse them back. And we will also make sure that our news media starts doing its job again of keeping out government in check, and not just acting as spokespeople for the government, repeating their talking points without question.

Source: Snowden interview: Why the media isn’t doing its job – Columbia Journalism Review

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