The Saudis threaten the Obama administration over a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in US courts for 9/11, the NYT reports.

Perhaps the bill is just political grandstanding, but the Saudis are threatening to “sell US assets?” Who cares? Sell ’em, in sure there is another buyer who would be very happy to buy them from you. If they are taking about selling their US “debt” that they hold, even better, since all it takes is a keystroke for the US gov’t to do the transaction.

It’s about time people start questioning our undying support for a nation that beheads more people than any other and that has one of the worst human rights records – all because we want their oil. This bill may not be the correct approach since it may make Americans unsafe abroad, but it is finally bringing the discussion to the forefront.

Source: Saudi Arabia threatens to sell US assets over 9/11 bill

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