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Sanders returned to the campaign trail to pitch Clinton to his young supporters — but not all millennials are with her yet.

The presidential election of 2016 is a case of the “lesser of two evils.” It exists in the U.S. because of the nature of the its political system. While the situation is not ideal, and while questionable actions have been taken, voters today need to stop thinking about the events of the past and worry about the future of their nation, family, and selves.

Bernie Sanders is promoting Hillary Clinton for that very reason. The DNC betrayed him, and he is the one person in this country that has the right to distrust the DNC. Yet, even though he is very aware of what happened, Mr. Sanders is looking toward tomorrow. He may not agree with all of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but he is willing to choose the lesser of the two evils at hand.

That is the point of his surrogate events, and that is the lessen his followers need to learn. In order to have a better tomorrow and bright future, millennials need to weigh the costs and benefits of electing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Only through such objective rationality can they truly understand the choices of their idol, and in effect, follow the right path.

Source: Sanders Attempts to Sway His Young Supporters Towards Clinton – NBC News

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