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The floor of the convention turned into a scene of momentary discord and boisterous dissent as a faction of delegates tried to stage a last-ditch revolt against Donald J. Trump.

It’s really disconcerting to see a party with such discord. Even worse is that despite this discord, it still manages to trudge on and along the election. Since for most people Trump is not the lesser of two evils, the possibility of having a president whose term is wrought not only with inter-party dispute, but also intra-party dispute within the governing executive party, signals a very hazy future for the U.S.


Stamping the rebellion out was a show of organizational muscle and discipline by the Trump campaign and the party, which had teams of aides scurrying around the arena as they tried to flip votes. They wore ear pieces and carried stacks of affidavits that they circulated to delegates as they pressured them to withdraw their support for the roll call vote.

Despite everything that people fear Trump to be, however, they need to remember that everything he says is just words. If he gets to office, I think he will have to pull his foot out of his mouth and face the democratic republic our founding fathers constructed. He hasn’t met anything he can’t buy/ get himself out of, but with systems like checks and balances in place, not to mention rationality and morality among Congress ( even in his own party), he will be hard pressed to find political barriers shattering at his feet.

Source: Republican Convention: Floor Fighting on Day 1 – The New York Times

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