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1280_beyonce_ivy_park_athleisure_wear_adBeyoncé’s new clothing line, Ivy Park, has a mission statement to “support ad empower women” but according to reports in this article, the clothing is made mostly by women in shops with sweatshop-like conditions In Sri Lanka.

The article is not wrong that Sri Lanka has one of the world’s lowest minimum wages (probably why it was chosen for production) nor are they wrong to point out the irony in the mission statement and the reality of how the clothes are made. It fails, however to point out that while the conditions in the shops are not ideal and the hours are long, this job is actually one of the best jobs available to women in the area.

This article seems to have been written for shock-value and more likely for click bait than actual journalistic quality. Sri Lanka is known for its manufacturing in the clothing industry. Without this industry, the women in Sri Lanka would certainly be much worse off.

Source: Report alleges Beyoncé’s “celebrate every woman” clothing line is made by women in sweatshops

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