reidgoinnukeSenate Majority leader Harry Reid is finally fed up with the governmental gridlock due to other party filibustering basically every single Obama judicial appointment (on top of every other appointment.)

The key is that Reid is part of the majority and in a democracy, the majority rules, NOT the minority, which is what is going on here.  No, it’s not that the Democrats are not “willing to cross the aisle and negotiate or compromise with the Republicans” it’s that the Republicans don’t want the democrats to have anything their way, even though the democrats won the election.

It’s not a negotiation when one party refuses to agree to anything and threatens to blow the whole place up if they don’t get their way and their way only!

Besides, the whole concept of the filibuster came about by mistake in the first place, which is why we have this horrible governmental gridlock in the first place. I talked about how the Filibuster Was a Mistake in an earlier video:

You can read more about how the filibuster was not created to “protect the minority” which is what everyone says!

Also.. Reid should have gone nuclear a long time ago, we could have avoided things like the Government Shutdown for example, among other things.


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