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Supreme Court sets a high bar for corruption in tossing out an ex-governor’s conviction.

Source: Public-corruption cases just got harder to prove

Another blow to democratic process at the Supreme Court Level.

“Setting up a meeting, calling another public official or hosting an event does not, standing alone, qualify as an official act,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in Monday’s decision.

“There is no doubt that this case is distasteful,” he said. “It may be worse than that. But our concern is not with tawdry tales of Ferraris, Rolexes and ball gowns. It is instead with the broader legal implications of the government’s boundless interpretation of the federal bribery statute.”

That last line explaining why this decision is made in a way says the Supreme Court is not concerned with government officials’ abuses of their power for personal gain but are concerned that prosecutors interpret the federal bribery statute too loosely and therefore would give the people too much power in government officials’ corruption cases in the future.

How do YOU feel about that?

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