Prosecutors in more than 200 criminal cases across the United States, including murder and rape trials, have used the TrueAllele DNA-testing software to secure convictions, but defense attorneys cannot look at the software’s code. Courts have sanctioned the secrecy surrounding the program in order to protect the profits of Cybergenetics, its creator.

Another example of why for-profit entities in our legal system (jails included) create potentials for conflict of interest. This case in particular had a man’s DNA match at 1 out of 10,000 (i.e.: not a likely match) vs. this company’s software putting him at “1.62 quintillion times more probable than a coincidental match to an unrelated Black person.” oh, but you can’t look at how we arrived at hat number, just trust us and put him away for life, which is what they did.

Source: Prosecutors are sending people to jail with software evidence that no one can double-check

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