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Orange car 5yxw053 butterflies on bottom of plate fram

Prius 7jqn557


5ycp922 Altima sage green white hair like Jane late 60s early 70’s

We’ve only just begun

7ncj314 mustang dark hair late 20s girl with

Bmw6zal443 North

I’m just crazy, I’m just a little impaired.

MSSY 6 or MSSY 1  *****

Envoy whsky6

Mgi477 guam USa crossed state lines to harass.

Girl who pulled over is

5zba353 Berkeley silver honda

7jtl509 Honda Fit

Mark Scott4u77636 red truck with a little burgundy with silver on bottom 50s, 60s

Cubby honda     6uqK808 ACURA SILVER FLAT BACK


7Bgn361 Toyota sequoia with a god

Daniel will lean 457  I street 6fyn894 tun

7pbn722 toyoata prius smoke grey lady in her forties. Short b


6eac131 hummer,

Orange spray painted bik.


After hair cuM658 6vbm658 lady pony tail  Pet Blvs.

North Bay taxiOH1

5pty428 lady in 60s

8675221 ewialsling eledctri reisinlg

G277 Tachoma

Ford c920920

Heavy set dark hair fair 6gtm867 silver car

2 blond la 6ukg436 pink on plate blo

4yll407 volvo carrying two surfboards

1500 silve 41986m1 Napa tanny


95628n1 big paw print orange right 1 ½ doors guy in 50’s ?

7gnh445 white car

5uns141 red lady

7kbc934 orange 4 runer

6tnf948 nred top down

6t05806 toyoata tundra blue chrome tool be

81152j1 white bu

Hg hand kgys


Toy 6ebj050 white lexus

6jes998 u turn blue car old dark hair worn back 20’s early 30’s play with hair

Cube 6ndr

North bay taxi 0816281

6jmn435 honda red brown hair up

1:59 Thurs 3/30

7SZJ666 Hyundai white, lady, Tuscson’

7JQX208 Valentine and Pleasant Hll

3FBR214  Green front old, Material hangind down from ceiling of car



Black Tahoe

7NWZ925, 7…….775  B/PH

6907NW Super Duty S

Solar City (lyych and 116




21D6817 Zip Motor

Black 4KKM887

7RRV103 Kia White


Side of Safeway with Lights on: 5YTA103

3WNT500 Safeway, Facing out lights on

6VNY305 8:58  Dark Green, Lady Dar Hair, 5 min left lights on facing Safeway Chunky’s

Safeway 5MTB880 SR Manly



8:50 5RZA257   Dark Hansel Dark Hair Red Car   Round Face Brand New

SMP  and Reislin  San Francisco

4MOSSO71   Yellow 427    427  15    Brittanca

Safeway 5MTB880 SRManly Hair Color White

3WNT500 Safeway, Facing out at me, lights on

5YTA103 Side of Safeway – Lights on

“For the Record’ White, park, tail gate Capri Creek 6WMR808 Hansel Lincoln

4 door 7:59 Reisling SNP   white    33193N1Hansel Honda    5150

Kia Lady 70’s White hair, not tall, medium build 7RJV070

Mustang 56ku997 Airport Health club

Ranger Gray hair, Emeryville Staples Red 3K51344 Sprayed plate with dark

Orange Red Tan along BC4041

Staples ; Muckmaster Business ink    Peegon 7500750


6WMR808 Hanself Lincoln Black…………..Tail Gate………….Capri Creek

6V   FX  26      CVE26    Sangamo? Ship or place

Mustang TTKS456 Man    Woman looks like Glenn’s Wife  5:50 Petaluma Blvd. North

7HTX669  /darj Pet Dark Hair Sonata Silver ?Wells 6:00

7TK7496   ?55 Largest 110

Petaluma Blvd. Took off really fast rabbit 6:13 5MJP155

4GEH099 Aluminum

? Gold Altima 7ENM572 ? Altima Gold

Orange Prius 7HPK027 SF Heavy/fair

Wash E. No tailgate Silver on Bottom Black or dark blue 4 rear tires. Latina

Silver Dark Hair MFK2637    790 Mazda White, Listens to Black Sabbath Reminds me of Aaron with a beard

7HTX669 dark Hair Pet. Hy . Sonata silver, Wells 600

77634 Cooper Springdale, Blond man, balding or shaved 3:45

PTV336 Rav 4 white cover near Lynch

Chevrolet green 5VAZ608 with dent Fair

7WDU542 Black car

7J87033 Grigley Country F250

Sebastopol Plumbing 3:29 going towards Bloomfield 7D20085

Parking lot on the 30th 6YVX168 A lot of stickers, a lot of chipped white. All identifiers pulled off of front

1:58 to REACH

5LJF959 Lady on window, Blue lady earth, Earth in upheaval. Sticker long taken off back.


7DBG457 Honda Odessey 3:23

White work truck 6K95785

White work truck 7Z53342 Large truck, Monte Rio sticker

31st Ron Mallory Constrution

6554GG Cheverolet blue tailgate, blue, older classic Wide silver stripes.

9:05 Drove in side near safeway???? Left rear, does this mean left rear bumper is damaged

7PGP357 9:07 Lady Safeway

63VJ929 or 63VJ9Z9



4/1 6:09

7MPX431 Petaluma S. Northbay Nissan/ “rabbit” 6:06 7 SAT 50’s/60’s couple 7SAT965   ??? Ford Fusion

6Y61880 White Truck  Tailgate is the kind that is cut out Straight, down – Lady is fairer. Black dual tires in back.

SF Fiat White  6VNG271 Green weird green if there was a Pepto Bismal Green this would be it.

6YHN562 Kia Brown possibly

Green Honda Civic – looks like sand is on it. 4FYJ112 Plate has the spray that looks like dust. Sitting in WF parking lot. Hawaiian flowers all over back. Drive Aloha After All

Toyota Land Cruiser. Tan with eggshell look, Custom Brown Stripes Woody look  WF   1LMA969 Also seen later on Blvd Main part  “Nick’s Cove”

Palo Alto Silver 7G6VA470

FC CNCR  – how did this get passed?

White 4×4 Dodge 7JGC488

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