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US president begins remembrance by celebrating diversity and promising to “destroy” groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIL.

President Obama’s words provide strong sentiment, but they fail to acknowledge the fact that America puts fear into itself. People have the right to be afraid of terrorism, but that is not 100% of the fear they face. Fear is capitulated in this nation by diversity. As much as some states or cities are open to diversity, many others are not.

People are afraid of what they do not know, understand, or believe in.The U.S. is strong, without a doubt, but its true strength is shown only when its citizens can distinguish between the superficial and the real; when they stand together as Americans, and only Americans. The memory of 9/11 is in part exactly that: one nation undivided, even while undergoing one of the worst moments in its history.

Source: Obama on 9/11 anniversary: We never give in to fear

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