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With an economy near depression and a political crisis dividing their nation, some Brazilians are calling to restore the country’s 19th-century monarchy.

While bringing back the monarchy in Brazil is certainly an interesting idea, I am skeptical that it will ever happen and if it does I doubt that it will do much to help the economic and political climate of the country. This seems like a desperate cry in a sea of turmoil. Brazil is clearly suffering, so much so that many of its people have turned to such bizarre notions of restoring an imperial regime which last ruled over a century ago.

Source: New Plan to Fix Brazil’s Royal Mess: Restore the Monarchy – WSJ

One thought on “New Plan to Fix Brazil’s Royal Mess: Restore the Monarchy – WSJ

  1. They allowed a corrupt politician to remove their democratically elected president and now they are fed up with the whole situation!
    It’s as if their democracy has failed so badly that the people are willing to almost return to a dictatorship! Anything else seems better than what they currently have!

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