Part of Possible Ideas or Throw-Away Ideas

1 – People have no idea how money works

  1. No, not that Zeitgeist stuff, money DOES have value
  2. We’re not talking about personal finances here, we’re talking about the actual way that money works
  3. Money’s value should NOT be based on gold, money is actually based on the total size of a country’s workforce and their ability to create goods and services

2 – Corporate Quarterly Profitsnoun_139618

  1. Race to the bottom (quality suffers, think food quality, airplane seats, etc.)
  2. Wages have gone nowhere since 1974
  3. Requires major corporate takeover of influence on Government policy
    1. Union busting
    2. Corporate protections more important than human protections.
    3. Our politicians have to be kept in check
    4. Underground initially will be focused on this
  4. Requires a lax news media (or corporate takeover thereof)
    1. Nobody questions the gov’t
    2. Nobody is keeping the news media in check
    3. Underground will also focus on this