Julian Assange is a guy who runs a website called Wikileaks, which exposes government secrets that people send him.

Isn’t it treason to expose government secrets? If you work for the government, then yes. But if you are a member of the press, then no. It’s called Freedom of the Press and it’s the foundation for democracy. Without Freedom of the Press, you have no democracy.

So Julian Assange falls under these protections.

But he still embarrassed the US and we’re pissed!

Since he hasn’t actually committed any crimes, we can’t just execute him.

But what we can do it grab him and whisk him off to Guantanamo Bay where he can sit in legal mumbo-jumbo for years.

So.. we call up Sweden and tell them to hand him over to us while he’s visiting, and they of course comply… but they screw up and he ends up in England.. which is fine by us as England is our little bitch and does what daddy tells it to do*. *It’s important to note that I don’t believe the UK or Sweden SHOULD be doing what we tell them, but they are, which is a shame.

So they, of course, pretend that they are going to hand Assange over to the Swedes, but then they screw up and he ends up in the Ecuadorian Embassy seeking asylum there.

Now daddy is REALLY pissed..

So, England, not wanting to get a spanking from the US, almost storms the Ecuadorian Embassy, risking war with that country.

But then they wuss out when people start to realize that they are being lied to about Assange by their own government due to the absurdity of the lies. I mean, what country risks war with another because a guy’s condom broke?

So here we are today, with a couple countries caught lying to their own people, thus making people distrust government even more, and America showing everyone that we rule the world, thank you very much.

What do you guys think about all this? Let me know if the comments below.

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