How to Share or Write an Article

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Writing an original article:

Click the “Write” menu item under “Me” in the navigation above and start writing away. If you get confused, let us know and we’ll help you.

To Share an article from the web using the bookmarklet:

No matter what site you are on, just click the “Share” bookmarklet and a summary of the article will be published on Underground with a link back to the original article (similar to how you post on Facebook), and you can then add your own commentary to the article, rate the article (and journalist) for accuracy, etc. It works with videos as well.

Get the SHARE bookmarklet here.

When you’re on a page you want to share, simply press the “Share” button. If you want, you can select some text on the website before pressing the bookmarklet, and that text will appear in your post as well. Be sure to click on a picture that you want in your article, and you’ll want to select a tag or two to describe your article.

The bookmarklet works on mobile phones as well.

on iPhone with older iOS

On iPhones on older versions of iOS, when you push the button, it opens a NEW window BEHIND your current window. You then have to click on the multiple window button on the lower right to get to the new screen:


From there you can publish your article:


Make sure you click an image below the title to add it to the article. You may have to add a space between the image and the text.

Also, be sure to select a tag or two to describe your article (click the big TAG icon in the upper right corner) tag-icon


If you’d like to make your article be a commentary on a Media or Government Failure or Success, choose a FORMAT above Tags and Categories:


Then publish your article and if you chose a different format, you’ll get the pretty cool WTF? or MEDIA FAIL, etc.. tags as well!