NBC anchor Megyn Kelly’s plan to air an interview with right-wing provocateur Alex Jones has caused a firestorm to erupt on social media, but so far advertisers have remained quiet—with at least one notable exception.

J.P. Morgan has pulled ads from all NBC shows until after the airing of the Alex Jones episode. Alex Jones has the ear of the President, which is why Megyn is putting the spotlight on him, and it’s very likely Megyn Kelly will NOT be presenting him in a good light.. in fact, he may come across as a complete nut-job (since he’s now trying to prevent the episode from airing as well).

The overall question is, do we want advertisers (read: big corporations) dictating what can be reported on? Will they start pulling ads from news shows that report on, say, nefarious bank-dealings, for example?

Regardless of what you feel about Alex Jones, it’s a slippery slope when big corporations start dictating what the public is allowed to talk about.

Source: J.P. Morgan Removes NBC News Ads Over Megyn Kelly Interview With Alex Jones – WSJ

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