Trump gives her kids organic food at home but has said nothing about her father’s last-minute reprieve of a pesticide shown to affect children’s brain development.

Never mind that chlorpyrifos was banned for residential use 17 years ago, after a study by Virginia Rauh of Columbia University found that it had a neurotoxic effect on children in Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx.

Agricultural use continued even as more than two dozen studies by Rauh and others further documented the dangers of chlorpyrifos. Some of Rauh’s more recent work was reported in a 2012 paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America titled “Brain Anomalies in Children Exposed Prenatally to a Common Organophosphate Pesticide.”

Trump signs an order removing the ban that was about to kick in of a pesticide that has been found to be extremely detrimental to children.

I like the idea that the Trumps should  e forced to use the pesticide on their own home-grown vegetables! That might make Trump think twice about this!

Source: Ivanka Preaches Organic, Silent While Dad OKs Toxic Pesticide – The Daily Beast

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