Italian company Hacking Team which made software and sold it to such countries as Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, and Mongolia which helped those countries spy on, suppress and most likely kill some of their people.

They, of course, denied selling to these countries, but the 400GB hack shows paid invoices in the hundreds  of thousands of Euros from those very same places.

The list, and subsequent invoice for 480,000 Euro, disproves Hacking Team’s claims that they have never done business with Sudan. According to Human Rights Watch, Sudanese security forces have repeatedly and violently suppressed protestors demonstrating against the government, with more than 170 killed in 2013.

A little karma one would say?  Is it really worth it to make a buck while contributing to the repression and potential death of some people?

Their hacked Twitter account and an email screenshot:

Check out the site below for more info. And you can follow the drama here: #hackingteam

And a scrolling list of the uploaded screenshots.

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