In today’s world, people are witnessing or even experiencing to a certain extent, similar situations, regardless of where they live. The political, economic, and social deterioration of all stages of people’s life, is a recurrent pattern in all countries, all political systems, whether implemented militarily, economically, or politically – areas not necessarily distinct anymore btw.

In London, you are evicted for the sake of gentrification and real estate development. In Greece, your house is seized, well for the same reason long-term, even though the official propaganda states that you are late on your mortgage, your taxes, or your country is undergoing a “crisis.” In the US, same exact pattern. Police brutality, austerity measures, “debt” -yes in quotation marks-, cuts, fiscal targets, “cliffs”, tax “optimizations”.. Distorted words, or simply words empty of meaning translated thoroughly and rehashed in every language by the mainstream media of every single country… It’s complicated for most people, exhausting for others. But isn’t that the goal?

It is common sense, that all this is happening because of the disconnect between the people and a given political system which -anything but- “represents” them. Let’s be blunt, wherever one may live, whichever country that may be, whichever means (military, economic, political, imposed internally or externally) may be put in use, people don’t matter. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that today people are actually a problem, an obstacle. And when that happens, one might even have to eliminate them.

All over the world, people are under occupation, sometimes by their very own government. And the reasonIMG_1398 is quite simple: There are three things that constitute a just political system: its public administration, its justice system, and its laws protecting from vested interests, corruption, and media propaganda.

Every political party’s goal is elbowing themselves through power, in order to control those areas, not to improve or change them in order to serve the interest of the people, or the well-being of the society as a whole. In that sense, ideology is dead: Right-Left, Republican-Democrat, Conservative-Socialist, even West vs East… For the people, it’s all dead.

People, society… have no place whatsoever in politics, as they don’t have the means. They are not an institution so except rising, protesting, revolting, fighting back, there’s not much else they can do. And if they do, they are brutally repressed, beaten up, arrested, even jailed.

To top it all, Economy and Society, not only have been disconnected from governments, and countries, and are treated as global notions (and as such as abstract and unclear)… they have become imperceptible world powers, coming down onto the people and dominating them. The “free-market” is anything but a market, let alone free: It simply means that the economy, no longer regulated by a government or policy, is immune to justice. As a result, the society, is just a figure of consumers and tax-payers. People are numbers.

So, the Western world is left but to acknowledge that, that which it’s supposed to be, it is not – or it is no longer: Our countries are no democracies – not even representative ones.

If the people don’t have a say in the political process, in their own countries, their own economies, their own laws, we are only headed toward the worst.

One doesn’t need to be under the label of an ideology to understand that. One just needs to take action.

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