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Asian-Americans are among the least likely to vote. But with the presidential nominations still up for grabs, campaigns are courting one of the largest Asian communities in the U.S. — New Yorkers.

This is interesting. Growing up in a Chinese American household, I’ve never really had an exposure to politics or aware of what our government was doing. I vaguely remember my dad would have the TV on to play the news while we ate dinner, but that was about it. We never discussed much about it, even when I got older. My mom prefers to watch Chinese news etc. just because she understands it better. How do we get Asian Americans more involved in what’s going on in our country? Especially for the first generation. More news channels spoken in different languages? More community outreach?

Source: In Close Race, ‘Unprecedented’ Push For Asian-American Voters Comes To N.Y. : NPR

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