Rather than casting off the shackles of the EU, eurozone and IMF, the Syriza-led Greek government favors the ‘oligarchs’ it once vowed to tear down and doubles down on austerity measures, leaving Greek people to suffer through a modern colonial nightmare.

Greece elected a party to fight the corrupt bankers in the EU, but the party they elected immediately caved into the banker’s demands and now the country is rapidly become a third-world country with 50% youth unemployment, and pensions being slashed for retired people that depend on those pensions to live. We are talking about a retired person’s pension, that he or she paid into their whole working life, being slashed from say $1,500 a month to $300 a month! That is literally destroying people’s lives.

And why are the Greeks letting this happen to themselves? Because their mainstream media outlets are now fully owned and operated by a few oligarchs who don’t appear to find it in their interest to report on these things.

Source: In A Mess Of Corruption & Neoliberal Austerity, Syriza Sells Greece Out To The Highest Bidders

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