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The European Union is a barrier to a progressive government, says Graham Stringer.

In spite of what you may have heard, the EU is not a progressive organisation. It is a club designed and run by unelected political elites who we cannot vote to remove. It is not run for the people but for the benefit of big multinational corporations. It is founded on a neoliberal economic ideology that demands obedience to the needs of a single currency, at the expense of local social conditions.

How can we know all of this? We only have to look over to Greece, where a democratically elected left-wing government has been forced to kowtow to Brussels and the EU. Instead of introducing policies that would help working people, it has been forced to impose swingeing cuts and austerity on its country, cutting lthousands of public service jobs and leaving youth unemployment to reach records highs. As this article goes to print, young unemployment in Greece is a devastating 50 percent.

Finally a sensible article in the while Britain leaving the EU debate. On top of that, the EU doesn’t seem to care about unemployment, which will be felt for decades to come.

Source: If you want a genuine leftwing government, you need to vote Leave

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