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The department, which was created by Lyndon Johnson during the 1960s, is tasked with managing the Federal Housing Administration, which insures more than $1 trillion in housing loans. It also manages billions of dollars in public housing money, rental assistance, and homelessness programs. It funnels billions into local grants that revitalize affordable housing and public facilities, and plays a crucial role in distributing disaster relief funds. It also works with the Department of Justice to investigate claims of discrimination in housing, like the allegation that Trump Management Inc. steered blacks and Puerto Ricans away from white projects in the early 1970s. In the past 20 years, HUD has fought discrimination on behalf of nearly 100,000 Americans.

There really are no words for this. I wouldn’t even take a job as a fucking barista because I’ve never made a latte. And yet, this. Someone needs to lock these people up in a basement for four years.

Source: HUD Is Essential to the Fight Against Poverty. Ben Carson Will Lobotomize It.

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