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A female cyber-security specialist discusses the best ways to guard your sensitive information (nudes, sexts, emails).

You would think the best answer is “just don’t take or send nude selfies!” But listening to that advice is just not going to happen, as this expert points out.

So, if you insist on putting incriminating photos on your phone then:

  1. Use a strong, unique passcode or password for both your phone, your computer, and your online account.
  2. Regularly update your software, because that’s how the security updates get on your devices
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication for any cloud services or apps you use for naughty photos

That last item is super effective, two-factor authentication, as it will prevent people from accessing your accounts even with your password and it will alert you when they try.

Also, the most potential damage occurs when someone physically gets ahold of your phone, i.e.: you lose it or put it down at a party, so make sure it locks quickly after use and that you don’t share your password with anyone.

But what about the naked pics you insist on sending?

  1. Well, try to keep identifying things like your face or birthmarks out of the pics – though keep in mind, something identifying, even something around you – can be used to identify you.
  2. Using self destructing apps, like Snapchat, really don’t stop someone from saving your pic either, so don’t have a false sense of security using them.

After reading the whole article, it really does boil down to..

Unless you don’t care about the consequences of your naked pics getting released into the wild, then you probably shouldn’t be taking them in the first place, but if you insist, then at least impliment some of the key things pointed out in this article.

Source: How to Protect Your Nude Selfies From Vengeful Ex-Boyfriends and Trolls | Broadly

One thought on “How to Protect Yourself From Vengeful Exes and Trolls

  1. I think that parent’s need to have a serious talk with their kids about this. Too many people’s lives have been messed up because they allowed someone to take nude photos of them.
    I have a novel idea,.. start now teaching children self respect, dignity, and boundaries. Instill in them now ‘if you don’t want your parents or grand parents finding out about it, don’t put it online’.
    Yes yes, I know,.. so many girls out there think they have the best body in the world and ‘these pictures are just for me’ so they do so. Then unbeknownst to the user they’re uploaded to their Google account or whatever they’re using, and boom it’s forever going to be somewhere on a hard drive that is not your own.

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