Moscow has done this before in other countries.

Once revealed, the result will be media hysteria, hearings, legal challenges, mass rallies, a constitutional crisis — followed by confusion, chaos and an undermining of the office of the presidency. Trump might emerge from the process as president after all. He will then go on, as promised at so many rallies, to “lock her up,” and of course to open a broad relation with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, the only foreign leader he seems to truly admire.

Give me a break! There is no evidence this is actually being done other than conjecture. So if Trump gets elected it’s the work of Russia? And the line where the journalist states that:

“Rumors of election fraud can create the same hysteria as real election fraud.”

This is exactly what this journalist is doing by writing such an article. This is pure propaganda at its worse.

Source: How Russia could spark a U.S. electoral disaster – The Washington Post

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