Q: Can the US pull out of the Paris Agreement?

The USA can pull out of the Paris Agreement – but it would take 4 years for the process to be completed.

It will be critical that American people stand together to resist attacks on environmental standards, protect their environment from fossil fuel companies, and resists attempts to weaken progress on climate. People in other countries should stand with the American people. Mr Trump does not have a mandate to wreck the American or global environment. Slowing action on climate will also be bad for the economy and the rust-belt workers who could be given a lifeline by the opportunities of a low-carbon transition. If the USA goes back to coal and oil it risks being left badly behind in the colossal economic opportunities in the accelerating global transition away from fossil fuels.

64% of Americans worry a great amount about climate change, so it’s important that those who do worry, continue to express that concern, and since it would take 4 years for the US to actually pull out of the Paris Agreement, if Trump tries to do that, he could be voted out of office prior to it ever happening.

Source: Simon Bullock on Twitter: “How much damage could #Trump do on climate change? https://t.co/RUvY6CwG44 https://t.co/b5cnJtItDy”

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    1. Or, more appropriately, since a lot of people are pissed off at the democrats, anyone who cares about the environment needs to stay on top of this and let the government know what reversing all these years of work is not not something we are all cool with.

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