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Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination Thursday with “humility, determination and boundless confidence in America’s promise,” taking her place in history as the first woman to lead a presidential ticket.

Clinton may be the better pick for president, but that is up to the people. But, what I find a little unsettling is that she may be elected just by the fact that the people of the U.S. don’t want the likes of Trump commanding our nation. ( Lesser of two evils). This is unsettling because then Clinton is not actually elected for her ideas or political views, even though ironically, her views line up more with the people’s than Trump’s do. She is qualified, but this election is more of a popularity contest dosed with fear.

Clinton delivered her speech at the end of a largely successful convention, which helped mend the party after her divisive primary against Sanders. The mood on the convention floor Thursday was festive and upbeat — in contrast to the discontent that festered on the opening night on Monday when die-hard Sanders fans loudly make their disappointment known.

On the one hand some people are still somewhat uneasy with Clinton’s past, and are driven by Trump’s provocation of fear. On the other hand, others are VERY afraid of a Trump-led future, and would rather see Clinton as the Commander in Chief (even those who REALLY wanted Sanders).

It’s the idea that people have their own perception of “good” vs “evil,” and will choose based upon their perception of “good”–at least in terms of making a rational choice.


Source: Hillary Clinton: ‘I accept your nomination’ –

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