Hello America,It’s North Carolina.

We know some of you are a little jittery right now about the 2016 election. We understand.

Next year will be the first since 1928 in which Republicans controlled the presidency and had such large majorities in the U.S. Senate and House. Just one year later, the Great Depression began!

Sorry. That’s not helping.

But we do know what you’re about to go through.If all of that sounds awful for moderates and progressives, well, yes. But we’ve also re-learned a basic truth these past four years: There may be nothing better for a political party or movement than to have the other party completely in charge for a little while. Because that party will inevitably overreach and mess things up.

What this article is stating is that if you are worried about Trump with Republican control of the house and senate and the laws they’ll be able to pass? Don’t worry, because with them in complete control, if they screw things up, you’ll know who’s responsible. And in just 2 years time you’ll be able to replace the House and Senate with enough new people to put the checks and balances back into place.

This is exactly the kind of thing needed to get people to truly start paying attention to the political process, because up to now people have been rather apathetic.

Source: Hi America. It’s North Carolina. We Know What You’re About to Go Through. | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

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