This week we talk about something that has been occurring in the past few Presidential elections that nobody wants to talk about for fear of being branded as paranoid or a conspiracy theorist.. And that is the fact that since Electronic Voting Machines have been used to tally up your votes, there have been some MAJOR discrepancies occurring that indicate the possibility that perhaps your votes are not being counted correctly.

For the past 40 years, exit polls have been used to determine if elections are fraudulent or not.

The concept is very simple.. After someone has voted, you ask them anonymously, who they voted for.  Because it’s anonymous, exit polls have been accurate to around a percentage point.

We also use exit polls to determine which foreign countries cheat on their elections as well.  These are countries that pretend to be democratic with elections, but actually just decide who their leaders are with false vote counts.

Well, in the United States, exit polls accurately picked who the next President was for the past 40 years… Until 2004 when they were so far off that the media had no idea what went wrong.

What was different about 2004 from all the previous elections?

Well, it was the first time we used electronic voting machines where there was no paper trail, and no way of double checking if the machines actually got the votes correct.

We had to rely on a company in Ohio that made the machines and who tallied up the votes themselves with no way of double checking their accuracy.

Now.. again, this coming election will probably find that the exit polls will be different from who the actual winner is…

I’m not saying this election will be stolen because then you will brand me a conspiracy theorist.. But, in the real world, ATMs spit out receipts when you deposit money… Stores give you receipts when you buy something… Yet voting for a president gives you NO receipt whatsoever and NO way for you to double check that your vote was even counted..

Instead you have to rely on a company that has ties to one particular political party to tally up your votes and you are supposed to trust them.  Now this is not a democrat or republican issue because either party could seize control of the machines.. This is a democracy issue.

What do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below.

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