The Greek politicians basically giving gold-rich land to a mining company for free, for the symbolic price of 1 Euro,  is one more example of the looting of all Greek resources by other countries.  Even though the EU ruled against the sale, the company is rapidly destroying the land and its surrounding ecological balance as they try to mine as much gold as possible in case things change.

On top of that, the Greek government is throwing people in jail for protesting or speaking out against the mining, which is another example of how democracy is being destroyed in Greece, the country that invented it, also in the interest of Germany’s the European Union’s colonization of Europe.

The EU and the common currency is a failed experiment, and the Greeks need to wake up to this fact before their entire country gets looted by foreign private corporations.


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    1. You are correct. I do believe that this change can come about once people wake up to the fact that it is completely possible to do it, and it will NOT require destroying what we currently have, but it WILL require people to realize that we still have the power in numbers to accomplish it. But if we just sit back and continue to let it happen, we will only have ourselves to blame when it goes too far and ultimately become impossible to fix. That’s where it’s headed with the constant deterioration of democracies around the world, and the EU is one of the worse purveyors of that destruction right now, with its rapid colonialism.

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