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magnifying-glass-76520_960_720Who’s on third? Segments of the American electorate are asking and Abbott and Costello’s “I Don’t Know” is not a good answer. Not in 2016, anyway. GoogleTrends shows that voters are searching for an alternative to Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in big numbers. Over the last week, searches for a third-party candidate in the 2016…

Looks like there might be one good thing coming out of this years presidential elections. Americans are now seeking out information about third party candidates at an all time high according to Google statistics.

3 reasons why this is a GREAT THING!

One, a large portion of Americans are investing time to research third parties and third party candidates which could lead to vote conversions

Two, the media will more than likely begin showing more news coverage to third party candidates (that is if they are doing their job of serving the public good and interest).

Three, voters who may have not known anything about third parties, now have educational knowledge to stand on. As the expression goes, knowledge is power.


It is encouraging to see articles like this when the current two party system is so clouded with scandal, controversy, and confusion. It could mean American voters are waking up and trying to take this election into their own hands.

Source: Google finds Americans searching for a 3rd party candidate is surging – Politics Now

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