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Bayer AG offered to acquire Monsanto Co. in an unsolicited bid worth about $62 billion to create the world’s biggest supplier of farm chemicals and genetically modified seeds.The company offered $122 per share in an all-cash bid, it said in a statement Monday.

Source: Germany’s Bayer Offers $62 Billion Cash to Acquire Monsanto – Bloomberg

Here’s a quick summary of why Americans hate Monsanto…

  1. They see it as the face of corporate evil
  2. The genetically modified organisms (GMOs) make food as fake as possible
  3. They pretty much just dump a bunch of chemicals on their farming to make it grow quicker and cheaper
  4. Their putting farmers out of work by building their own agricultural monopoly
  5. They pretty much play the FDA on their finger, by writing their own protection laws… Obama promised to label GMOs but now created a Monsanto Protection Act
  6. Monsanto was originally a chemical company and created some of the most damaging toxins in American history including dioxins and PCBs (PCBs are carcinogenic)
  7. Monsanto’s pesticides have had many chemical lawsuits and their pesticides have led to Parkinson’s disease, autism, cancer, and Alzheimers.
  8. The French government even called Monsanto guilty of chemically poisoning French farmers
  9. They are purchasing rights to water and trying to PRIVATIZE it (once again, the face of corporate evil)
  10. They have environmentally damaged this country from declining bee colonies to corporate pollution

I wonder how the Germans will run such a huge corporation and how the Americans will feel about this.

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