Gangstalkers Tricks to Visually Increase Numbers

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  • There are many gangstalkers, but NOT as many as would seem. Traveling up the five from Southern California to Northern California, I began to notice that I was seeing the same trucks………..many in a line…………..You see that, but the incidence was higher. I would get off the freeway, then later I would see many of the same trucks I had seen before. A few is normal.The number I saw on that trip was not.
  • BTW – truckers know each other by neatly placed lines of reflective tape – subtle reflective tape.
  • Gangstalkers leave cars at what I call hidey holes. I picture ants crawling out of the hidey holes. Why ants? Because they are drones and silly looking. Watch the Harry Potter scene on Boggarts. Ants work for me.
  • So, if two people are together, they leave one car in a previously set up place and go out together. Then they can come back and get another car. Some people own junker cars on purpose. In 2013, almost every place I would go had a junker car sitting in it. By junker I mean smashed bumper – bad or bumper missing. Barely street legal OR filled with junk or toys with only room for the driver.
  • I was at Kaiser in Petaluma. I had pulled over way out in the lot to read or forward my “tapes”.  A car pulls up on the other side of a car about three spaces over. A lady comes from that car WITH only her keys and gets into the car closest to me – oops. She was out for a ride with her friend and was being dropped off.
  • Yes, there are many droids. I am still amazed each day that this can be happening in our country. No, in most cases I do not think the government is involved, unless they sicked one of these group on you. I think it is very, very cheap labor. WHAT is the ONE thing that would get so many people involved, so dedicated? If you were labeled some type of stalker, pervert, or perpetrator yourself. Ironic, eh? Sick.
  • I believe some players are blackmailed. Like the Hispanic couple with a brand new baby who parked behind me when I was over by the auto plaza and sat. When I went back to say something – it was just obvious by their clothes and demeanor that hey had no idea what was going on – and appeared scared.
  • Hidey holes that I have found in Petaluma, Sebastopol and Cotati. Well,  I have to go, but will cover it more another time – one was the Catholic Church on McDowell one night, another has been the new Safeway store – along the Sonoma Mountain Parkway was a fave. You can still find them in the lots.
  • My numbers have increased the longer I am here – and I am not going anywhere. It started as almost only white Caucasians. Then, I believe the Latino Catholics got involved – the Italian Catholics were already involved (plate frame, “Feel sorry for me, I married an Italian” and there are a number of old Italian families that settled in the area – quite a few. This all started 20 years ago, by what I assume were mostly Mormons. They went “oops”, we were wrong. So, feel like the Mormon church is highly involved. That might have to do with the way the cars behave if I have been near the Mormon Church in Petaluma, California. I have had up to ten cars in a row drive towards me from the rear and then swerve away.
  • I’ll leave you with this – they crawl out like ants, are very brave when they are on the other side of the road or behind you. Pull over and let them go ahead – watch them hop away like bunny rabbits.

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